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Newsletter - 20 September 2017

Dear Parents

Re – Registration for 2018

We are currently moving software onto SA SAMS package so it is necessary for you to complete a new re – registration form. Please return it to the finance office together with R 900. This serves as a re – registration fee and also forms part of your 2018 school fees. The last date for re – registration is Monday 16 October.

Code of Conduct

Please find attached a copy of the code of conduct. We are concerned that some of the learners do not seem to know what is expected of them in terms of behaviour and uniform. Please go through this code of conduct with your child. The page attached acknowledging receipt of and understanding of the code of conduct needs to be returned together with the re – registration form and fee. Please assist us with this. Adherence to the code of conduct is essential for the creation of an effective teaching and learning environment.

It is a cause for concern that a significant number of learners are arriving late for school. You should be receiving an SMS when your child is late. Please intervene. One of the conditions you agreed to on enrolment was that your child would be on time for school (7 h 40). Regular late coming has a negative impact on the learner’s academic progress.

Principal’s Message

It seems hard to believe but the year is almost over! As you know, cycle tests for grades 8 – 11 begin today. Cycle test timetables were handed out last week. The grade 12s are already busy with prelims. We, as educators, are concerned about the work ethic of many of our learners. I must stress that this is a generalization as some learners are working very hard. However the problem is widespread enough for me to address it generally. Many learners are regularly not doing homework, not bringing books to school. Therefore they are coming to class completely unprepared. Obviously they are not benefiting from the lesson and are frustrating the teaching and learning process. They fall further and further behind. Learners need to focus on topics until they fully understand them and then reinforce this understanding by practising examples. They should, in addition to doing homework, studying for tests and exams, doing research for portfolio’s, be revising their work on a daily basis. No high school learners can ever say that they have no school work to do. Parents of grade 8 and 9 learners have already received a letter about the Maths intervention programme. If your child is going to achieve his/her academic potential then we all, (learners, parents and educators) need to work together.
Thank you to all the parents who attended the meeting on 5 August 2017.Please continue to meet your financial commitments to the school.

We had a successful fundraiser on Friday 1 September 2017. Thank you very much to some of our ex pupils who initiated and funded this function.

We have a vacancy on the SGB. Mr Mangali has resigned.


One of our grade 9 Learners, Kgaugelo Molaudzi achieved a silver medal in the National Science Olympiad.

Our U15 and U17 soccer teams were runners up in their respective cup finals.

Two of our cross country athletes, Michelle Matlyukira and Thapelo Baartman were selected for the district team and took part in the Gauteng Championships on 2 September 2017.

On 26 August, two of our learners Kiara Dhanpall and Nonhlanhla Twala were placed 4th in the UN debate which took place at the Gauteng Legislature.

On 2 September 2017, 25 learners participated at SA Championships of Performing Arts Showcase of Champions. They were awarded Gauteng colours by the department of Arts and Culture.

Read to lead

September is literacy month and the department is running a “ Read to lead” programme. We have been requested to ask you to donate any children’s reading book that you are not using any more. If they are for younger children, we will pass them onto a primary school.

School will re- open for term 4 on Monday 9 October 2017.

Thank you very much for your continued support in our joint endeavour.

Yours Faithfully
M. Wrigley (Mrs)