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Mr Van Biljon's Farewell Message

Mr Van Biljon's Farewell Message
It is indeed “time to say good-bye”.
After teaching since 1980 I am looking back at my career with satisfaction, gratitude and fulfilment.  I’ve been blessed having established relationships with so many people,  pupils, staff and parents and through that I have been enriched.
To those who showed me the way, my first Headmaster, Mr Rohrs, my HOD Mr Davel, and all the others, thank you!!!
When I started teaching, I was so proud to be associated with Sir Pierre van Ryneveld High School.  Society and the school have changed since then. Change is often difficult. With the co-operation and support of the staff, pupils and parents transformation has taken place without  the school dropping standards and as in 1980, we are still guided by our motto: “ACHIEVE”.
I am as proud of the school today as I was then. I pray to God that He will be with this school in the future, as He has been in the past.
“We have come from far, we have come from near, but while at school we are Sir Pierre.”     (HA Rohrs)
“Nkosi  sikelel’ iAfrika”               (Enoch Sontonga)
Ernst van Biljon
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